Monday, July 12, 2010

5 Days until 12 hour run

Bare with me as this is my very first post and not even real familiar with other blogs .... but did want to document my running as I approach my first ultra. For clarification, technically not my first ultra. I did run a 50k back in 1978 but that was in another life. I'll keep this real simple today and just share my last few weeks of training. Not much going on this week as I taper for the Big Bear Lake 12 Hour Trail Run on 7/17 in Bruceton Mills, WV.

Week 7/5-7/11/10 (62.5 total miles)

Mon 7/5/10 (10.5 mi)
AM- Easy paced run on the roads, 10.61 miles 8:38 per mile.

Tue 7/6/10 (10 mi)
AM- Real easy pace with Doc group (Steve, David, Tom) Included a couple of Galloway walks. 10 miles relaxed pace.

Wed 7/7/10 (7 mi)
AM- Easy paced 7 mile loop at Salem Lake alone. Legs felt generally really good but somewhat tired/hungry. 1st run in Inov8 X Talon 212's.

Thu 7/8/10 (14 mi)
AM- Slow 14 miles, 2 loops at Salem Lake with Tom and Michael. No issues during run.
PM- Left ankle stiff while walking the dogs at night

Fri 7/9/10 (0)
AM- Left ankle very stiff. Took a rest day. Not sure if it was the laces on the X Talon's but very nervous to be having issues during my taper.

Sat 7/10/10 (8 mi)
AM- Steady 8 mile run on the roads (Country Club, Sweetbriar, Dntn). Ankle feels a bit better, ice it after.

Sun 7/11/10 (13 mi)
AM- Final double digit run prior to Big Bear. Ran with Chuck and Mason(7mi) at a very easy pace. Went back to the NB 100 shoes. I think the ankle is okay.

Recap 7/5-7/11/10 Began the taper with one week till Big Bear. Ankle a concern but feeling a little better about it. Restless with only 62 miles. I've loved the ultra training.

6/28-7/4/10 (82 total miles)

Mon 6/28/10 (0)
Rest Day

Tue 6/29/10 (9 mi)
2 runs totally 9 miles.... all easy, some on trails and Greenway at Environmental Center.

Wed 6/30/10 (15 mi)
AM- w/ Tom, 2 hr. 11 min run on the roads. All slow pace.

Thu 7/1/10 (14 mi)
AM- Easy 2 loops at Salem Lake, for 14 miles. 2:01 total time. Relaxed run.

Fri 7/2/10 (27 mi)
AM- Cool morning, good temps for summer in NC. 27 miles, 4 hrs. 12. min. 9:20/mi. Much of run with Tom and Michael. Very pleased and just feel tired. Did 3 gels and a boiled potato, banana.

Sat 7/3/10 (3 mi)
AM- Decided to rest, so steady 3 miles with Kane.

Sun 7/4/10 (14 mi)
AM- w/ Tom @ Salem. 2:05, very slow first loop, then 60 min for second loop.

Recap 6/28-7/4/10 Pleased with 4+ hour run. Solid week. Enjoying the time on my feet. Wish I didn't have to taper.

6/21-6/27/10 (total miles 103)

Mon 6/21/10 (13.5 mi)
AM- 5:15am w/ Tom. Slow 2 hour run. Legs tired.

Tue 6/22/10 (25 mi)
AM- At Salem Lake alone. 3:43 run, 25 miles at 8:55/mi. Slow and easy. 2 gels, Legs tired but not in terrible shape.

Wed 6/23/10 (5 mi)
AM- Real easy 45 min run alone and then some walking w/ SK. Leg fatigue but little soreness.

Thu 6/24/10 (14)
AM- 2 loops at Salem Lake, 1:58. Legs feel great. 2nd loop in 57 min.

Fri 6/25/10 (14)
AM- 2 loops @ Salem, 2:01, 2nd loop in 60 min. Legs tired.

Sat 6/26/10 (8)
AM- Easy 75 min. run in Emerywood, Greenway and HPU.

Sun 6/27/10 (24)
AM- Alone at Salem Lake, 24 miles total. 2 loops in 2:01 then out and back. Fell in 21st mile. Scraped knees, thigh, big chunk out of elbow. Walked approx 1/2 mile to water fountain to clean up. 3:40 including walking and fall.

Recap 6/21-6/27/10 3 weeks until Big Bear 12 Hour Run. Best ultra training week to date. A bit of knee pain here and there but generally just tired legs. Heel blisters from gravel but otherwise holding up okay. Need one more good week.