Monday, February 21, 2011

116 mile week (well sorta)

Tools of the trade during a 4 hour night run

Technically it's correct I did have a 116 mi week. There are 168 hours in a week (24x7=168) and if you started my week at the start of the Holiday Lake 50k and ended the week 165 hours later at 3 a.m. on the next Saturday, I covered a total of 116 miles.

I recovered pretty well from Holiday Lake... took a couple of easy and short recovery runs the two days after HL and resumed normal training right away. Obviously from a total weekly volume standpoint I'm in a good spot with my training and with 6 weeks to go until Umstead I'll try to keep the total miles about the same but also try to take at least one run of 35-40 miles and some more good back to backs.

I decided not to run the Pilot Mountain Marathon on 2/19. I really hated to miss it but my younger son had a big weekend of AAU basketball with an important parent/coach meeting to discuss tournaments and do some planning. I didn't want to miss the meeting so I opted out of Pilot Mtn. SO instead I decided to do a night run on Fri night-Sat morning. I did the run solo around my neighborhood. Couldn't talk anyone into joining me. I did five 5.1 mile loops covering 25.5 miles with a running time of 4:10 (which included 4 bathroom breaks, re-filling hand held bottles, a clothing change) Since I will likely be running into the night at Umstead I thought it was important to try a night run. Began the run at 11 p.m and finished up at 3:10 a.m. I really didn't get sleepy at all. With a big pasta meal around 7 p.m. I was worried about my stomach but it really wasn't a problem... guess "everything burns in the furnace"(Once a Runner quote.) Wore a headlamp just to get used to it but really only turned it on when cars went by so they could see me and I could hop up on the sidewalk or front yards. Decided I didn't really want to find out if the driver was drunk or just coming home late! Got pretty quiet between 2 and 3 and with a nice full moon shining down on me it was kinda nice.

After the night run I was pretty wasted most of the weekend. My legs were fine but took until Monday to feel normal again. I didn't run a step the rest of Saturday and Sunday. Although I did walk for over an hour each day. I did a nice 20 mile run today (Monday) thanks to an unexpected Presidents Day holiday. Averaged 8:23 per mile on an unseasonably warm day. Started the run in a thin long sleeve shirt and finished up shirtless (okay no laughing at the thought of my untanned, strapping, 5'9" 130 lb frame running barechested on a February morning)

I decided to do my training log online daily rather then do summaries in the text (Can be found on the right column of the blog)


  1. NICE!! glad to see you bounced back from HL quickly! I think it's great you did a night run before umstead! I love running at night! :o) yep, you probably blinded some people running without a shirt in feb.. I too am extremely untanned at this point.. BUT isn't this break in the weather so nice?? great that after a hard winter to get out there!

    pilot mtn marathon looked AWESOME! I really want to try to run that one year! maybe next year we can all head down your way for a race!

    take care and have a great week, Rob!!


  2. Thanks Jenny. Hope you have recovered and now back to some consistent running (and cross training.)

    Would be nice to get you folks to NC some (guess you have to plan well in advance for Uwharrie and Mt. Mitchell.)

    More group training runs would be great as well.... seems like you really get to visit more with a low key group run then you do with limited time before and after races.

  3. hey rob, an old friend told me about your blog. Glad to hear your training is going well. LOVED the "Once a Runner" reference (I used to use that line all the time)!!!

    We did a short "moonlight" hike Friday evening with some friends Friday night, so yeah the full moon was very bright. Keep up the good work & happy trails, JB

  4. JB-
    I think we have both been known to use "old lines" over and over for years and years. I have a few other "Once a Runner" lines I may break out in future blogs. Very cool that we were both out on a trail in the Friday night moonlight (800 miles apart)....