Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mount Mitchell Challenge/Umstead

Mount Mitchell Challenge = YES

Umstead 100 = NO

Got lucky and was selected in the lottery to run the 2012 Mount Mitchell Challenge (40 miles up to the highest peak east of the Mississippi)

Not so lucky with systems error in speed registering for the Umstead 100.


  1. Dont't give up the desire for Umstead. Something might just work out. It is a shame that a technical error on part of the registration website messed you up. You were ready and prepared. Mitchell will not dissapoint you. Pray to be able to run the full course, which will mean the snow is not too deep!

  2. I'm just not as good a speed entry guy as some of you veterans!

    I'm excited about Mitchell... my strategy is to get as big a lead on Beth as I can going up because it could get ugly coming down the mountain.

  3. You are no shabby downhill technical runner, so my plan is to get out of each of your way. This past Saturday Beth and I were running together and I got out of her way on a technical downhill section.