Friday, February 10, 2012

2012 Plans

I'm beginning to do some planning for 2012 but first a few photos from the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012.

12/31/11 at the "Over the Top" run with the IMTR group

With the boys being silly at Elk Garden post OTT Run

Looking a little sleepy w/ Sara after a nice Vegan meal (running with Eric Grossman and the IMTR's will do that to you)

With Anton in Carrboro, NC

After not getting into Umstead 100 this year I decided to change things up a bit. Since late December I have been doing more marathon training than ultra training. Averaging mid 80's most weeks with more quality runs and fewer really long runs. I realized after the New River 50k that I might have one more decent marathon in me having gone through the marathon mark in about 3:12-3:14 very comfortably and continuing on for 5 more miles. So the plan is to run the Mount Mitchell Challenge in 2 weeks then taper for a late March marathon at either Tobacco Road in Cary or Wrightsville Beach (same weekend).

During the first two weeks of July I'm entered in the Tour de Virginia, a 560 mile stage race the entire length of the Appalachian Trail in Virginia. 14 Stages, 14 Days, 137,000' of climbing, 560 Miles. 6 runners have entered thus far and should be an exciting adventure.

I hope to run the Iron Mountain 50 and a 3rd Mountain Masochist in the fall. I'm sure I will find the starting line at a few more races but nothing set and on the calendar yet.

A few more photos from late 2011...

Treadmill was unavailable this day

First trail run for Patrick (w/ Dad)at Hanging Rock

LSU - Arkansas game in Baton Rouge


  1. You'll do well whichever marathon you choose! i'm so excited for you to go on your AT adventure this summer! I think you'll really have a great experience. I need to ask that you bring your harmonica because I know that one of the guy's crewing is a great guitarist. I can only imagine some cool campfire jam sessions ( if you have the energy after long days in the woods)
    I'll be working the mile 29 AS for IMT 50! but I hope to see you many times before sept! take care my friend, and happy trails!!!

  2. Thanks Jenny. Congrats on your HL 50k PR. I did notice the musician coming to VA AT run. Wasn't sure if he was running or what... so will for sure bring my harps for some jamming.