Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Training Summary Sept 27 - Oct 3

82 miles
3648' vertical
11 hrs 40 min
20 miles on trails

A good week of running as the weather turns cooler. Did another back to back long run weekend. So 2 weeks ago did back to back 21 milers, last week a 25.6 mile run, and this week back to back 20 milers. My leg/knee still an issue but it seems to be getting better. Need to continue the hip stretching to lengthen IT band. Other then that all feels pretty good. I will try to do a solid 50k this weekend at the New River 50k but don't want to have a marathon race effort and have to recover. I will decide on a 50 mile race after I see what the upcoming weekend takes out of me.

Monday 9/27/10 (8 mi, 455')

AM- w/ Tom in a light rain. Easy paced 8 mile run in Ewood and downtown.

Tuesday 9/28/10 (5 mi, 225')
AM- Busy and a little tired so just did an easy 5 mile recovery jog. Legs were okay after initial minutes.

Wednesday 9/29/10 (14.5 mi, 705')

AM- w/ Chuck... steady paced 14.7 mile loop in 2:01:55. 8:20 pace and under. Not a hard effort but faster then last week. Decent temps so solid run. Leg feels better.

Thursday 9/30/10 (0)
No running, up much of the night dealing with heavy rains and water in the basement. Unplanned rest day.

Friday 10/1/10 (14 mi, 675')

AM- Easy 2 hr run with Tom. Pleasant morning temps. Pace approx 8:40/mi. Leg ok except for a couple of patches.

Saturday 10/2/10 (20.6 mi, 963')

AM- Slept in w/ a cool morning. On roads alone, ran for 2:59:55 for 20.6 miles. 8:44/mi. Did 3 gels. Right knee gave me some intermittent pain. Iced after.

Sunday 10/3/10 (20 mi, 625')

AM- Cool morning, w/ Chuck at Salem Lake. Water at the Dam so out and back for 14 mi and added 6 more miles for 20 miles in 2:51, 8:33/ mi. Felt quite good. no leg issues. Felt better today on my second 20 mile run. Good sign. Did 2 gels and one at conclusion of run.

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