Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Training Summary Sept. 20 - Sept. 26

75 miles
3350' vertical
10 hrs 57 min
25.6 of 75 mi's on trail

Monday 9/20/10 (7.3 mi, 450')

AM- Easy 63 min run w/ docs. 7.3 miles @8:40/mi. Feel okay but still experiencing some weakness in right knee.

Tuesday 9/21/10 (7 mi, 550')

PM- 7 mile run with 4 x Ferndale & Rockford hills at hard effort. Ea hill approx 1/2 mi duration. Felt good to change my rhythm a bit and have some oxygen debt.

Wednesday 9/22/10 (14.7 mi, 705')

AM- w/ Chuck at 4:50 a.m., 14.7 mi in 2:04. Cut off a little of last weeks wed. m/l run. 8:30 per mile, nice steady run.

Thursday 9/23/10 (0)
Rest day

Friday 9/24/10 (10 mi, 560')

AM- w/ Tom in neighborhood. Real easy 10 miles in approx 1:30. Slow running recovery run.

Saturday 9/25/10 (25.6 mi, 730')

AM- Ran the Salem Lake 30k, but prior to the race did a steady 7 mile loop in 60 min's. Saw world class ultra female runner Annette Bednosky of W. Jefferson, NC out doing an hour run prior to race just like I was. Finished my 7 miles just as race was starting (good timing). Did the first 11 miles of the 30k under 8 min pace but began experiencing the same right knee and leg weakening. So I slowed it down and even stopped to stretch it at the Linville road water fountain. Didn't plan real well and did not bring any gels. So did a 3 hr 40 min run with only gatorade at the aid stations. Was feeling pretty depleted towards the end. Ran a bit with Annette during the early portions of the 30k. Noticed on her blog that she did an extra 20 min's after the race to get in her 3:40 of running. Disappointed in my leg and feeling so depleted but solid day of running.

Sunday 9/26/10 (10.5 mi, 355')

AM- Cool morning, did a real easy paced recovery run of approx. 10.5+ miles. Legs tired but okay with some hip stretching.

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