Monday, September 6, 2010

August in the Books...

Got through a consistent 70 mile per week August. Not real high mileage but consistent running after a couple of down weeks after my 7/17 ultra experience.

Total miles: 312
Trail miles: 140
Long runs: 25 mi, 30 mi (with a 25 mi run the last day of July and 28 miler 9/3)
So a consistent 10 mile per day average and 4 runs between 25-30 miles over a 5 week span.

With the months of Sept. and Oct it is prime distance running weather in NC so hope to up the mileage to over 80 weekly and sprinkle in longer runs, back to backs and even some tempo runs if my legs are feeling rested during the week. If you take out the Big Bear taper and recovery, I've averaged 78 miles/week since late May. So that is a good base to begin more serious training. A good base for marathon training as well as a 50 miler.

Below are the summaries of the last two weeks of training (8/30-9/5 and 8/23-8/29):

Aug 30 - Sept 5

Total Miles: 78

Monday 8/30/10 (5 mi)
AM- Real easy 5 miles on the road. Oddly, even though I didn't do much over the weekend legs felt tired.

Tuesday 8/31/10
(11.75 mi)
AM- Very easy paced run with Tom. 1:45 for 11.75 miles @ 9:00/mi. Easy running but legs still a little tired feeling.... but a very enjoyable early morning run.
(312 miles for August '10)

Wednesday 9/1/10 (14.25 mi)
AM- 5 a.m. with Chuck. Nice steady 1:58 run for 14.25 miles @ 8:19/mi. Best I have felt in quite some time. Pushed a little in the middle section.

Thursday 9/2/10
(7 mi)
AM- Easy 70 minute run on Watershed Trails. Wild Turkey and Nat Greene trail. Legs tired but okay. Saw two deer on Wild Turkey (as usual).

Friday 9/3/10 (28 mi)
AM- 4 loops at Salem Lake solo. 28 miles in 4:18, 9:13/mi. Passed the marathon mark right at 4 hours. Did 3 gels, did not carry water the first 21 miles but used a fuel belt the last loop. Nice to get 4+ hours.

Saturday 9/4/10 (4 mi)
AM- 30 minutes walking w/ SK then an easy 4 mile run in Ewood. Walking did a good job of getting my legs loose.
Travel to Atlanta for LSU v. UNC

Sunday 9/5/10
(8 mi)
AM- After a late night at the game did a total of 8 miles with 3 of those miles in Vibram Five Fingers. Amazing how little pounding for the miles with only a glove covering my feet.
Travel back to High Point from Atlanta

Aug 23 - Aug 29

Total Miles: 72

Monday 8/23/10 (10.5 mi)
AM- Easy 10.5 miles. Some with David H. 1:34 total time for 8:55/mi. Heart rate 46 resting prior to the run.

Tuesday 8/24/10 (6.5 mi)
AM- Slow 6.5 mile run over hilly Sweetbriar/Wicliff loop. 60 min run.

Wednesday 8/25/10 (14 mi)
AM- w/ Chuck 14 mile, 2 hour run. On roads, fairly cool morning for a change. Even some light rain. Much better M/L run @ 8:35/mi.

Thursday 8/26/10 (6 mi)
AM- Relaxed 6 mile run on hills (Sweetbriar/Wicliff loop) @ 8:35/mi

Friday 8/27/10 (14 mi)
AM- @ Salem Lake with Tom. Easy 2 loops in 2:02. Steady last several miles. Planned more but busy day.
PM- Travel to Boone for the Music on the Mountain Top

Saturday 8/28/10
(11 mi)
AM- In Boone... approx 11 miles, 1:42. Slow easy running but quite hilly. Found a great dirt/gravel road late in the run that was perfect along branch of the New River. Reminded me of the gravel roads up Four Mile Canyon outside of Boulder from 32 years ago. Cool, foggy morning.
PM- Travel back from Boone

Sunday 8/29/10
(10 mi)
AM- Steady 10 mile run on roads in Ewood and downtown. 8:30/mi, felt really good.

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