Sunday, September 19, 2010

Training Summary Sept 13 - Sept 19

86 miles
3022' vertical
12 hrs. 20 min.

54 of 86 miles on trails

Solid week with a steady sub 8 min per mile M/L 15 miler, back to back 21 milers for the first time and took a complete rest day. Having some issues with my right knee/leg. Some intermittent stiffness/pain around the knee. Not sure if some of it is from getting the right knee beat up from falls over the weeks and months. Iced it few times after running and will do some hip stretching to be sure it isn't some IT band shortening. Entered the New River 50k on 10/9 and may run in the Salem Lake 30k next weekend as a training run.

"I can do anything I ever done, just take more time"
-Honeyboy Edwards (95 year old bluesman)

Monday 9/13/10 (8.5 mi) (512' vertical)
AM- Relaxed 8.5 mi run. Westminster/Heathcliff/Sweetbriar/Wicliff 8:44 per mi. Once I got going legs were fine.
PM- Quick 30 minutes of walking at the HP Athletic Complex

Tuesday 9/14/10 (0)
Rest Day
AM- 40 min's brisk walking
PM- 30 min's leisurely walking

Wednesday 9/15/10 (15 mi) (703')

AM- w/ Chuck 2:00:51 for 15.2 miles, 7:57 per mile. Great M/L run, extended our usual Wed. run.

Thursday 9/16/10 (12 mi) (150')
AM- @ Salem Lake, out and back 12 miles in 1:46, 8:53 per mile. Legs a little tired so kept it slow.

Friday 9/17/10 (21 mi) (624')
AM- @ Salem Lake w/ Tom. 3:09 run. 1 loop then out to 30k turnaround and then to mile mark and back. Approx 21.3 miles @ 8:55/mile.

Saturday 9/18/10 (21 mi) (624')
AM- w/ Chuck @ Salem. 3 loops in 3:00:15 for 8:35/mi. Nice steady running. Felt better then yesterday (surprisingly) but did have some right leg issues. Now and then the leg just feels weak and feeling like it will collapse. Iced it after.

Sunday 9/19/10 (8 mi) (409')

AM- Slept in after football last night and feeling real tired ever since the mid week run. Mid morning, real easy 8.3 mi run/jog at about 9 min pace. Nice recovery day.


  1. Rob, saw this and thought you might enjoy reading it.

  2. Thanks Ei. I think I already read that article in some publication(but can't remember where)....
    Don't let SK read that, she worries bout stuff like that. BTW, guess you may have seen that I'm entered in the Umstead 100 in April over your way.