Thursday, August 5, 2010

Big Bear Recovery

After Big Bear

After running my 52 miles at the Big Bear 12 Hour Trail Run my right leg was swollen pretty bad. The swollen area was right above and around my knee. I notice bruising above and below the knee. I wasn't really in bad pain so I was hopeful that it just needed time to recover and I wasn't injured.

After the race I ate lot's of pasta salad and other snacks at the finish area but was concerned about the leg. I drove down to the General Store about a mile away to get ice and sat in the back of the Explorer icing it. I was drinking fluids, took 3 ibuprofen, and snacked best I could. I wish I could have socialized a little more with the other runners and families but I wanted to keep ice on it and moving around was difficult. Back to Olivia's for more food, this time to go. I brought it back to my room and ate and generally felt pretty miserable. You would think after that many hours running I would sleep for days, but I was up early. The swollen knee area was extremely stiff. Walking was pretty difficult. I headed home shortly after I got up as laying around the hotel was as miserable as driving. But boy the 6 hour drive home was nearly as difficult as the race! No running for several days but by the next weekend I was able to start jogging. The swelling went down but even today bending completely at the knee is difficult, very stiff as it bends totally. Doesn't seem to bother me while running so I'm back at it. Below are logs of the week of the ultra and the two weeks after that. Beginning with the most recent week.

7/26-8/1/10 (60 miles)

Mon 7/26/10 (6 mi)
AM- Easy 6 miles on the Watershed Trails in Greensboro (Wild Turkey Trail)

Tue 7/27/10 (4 mi)
AM- 40 minutes hiking and then 4 miles real slow on Wild Turkey and Nathaniel Greene trails in Gboro.

Wed 7/28/10 (7 mi)
AM- w/ Tom, Steve and David, slow 7 miles on the roads in Ewood.

Thu 7/29/10 (7 mi)
PM- Steady loop at Salem Lake 57:16 (8:10/mi). After a slow start, this was the fastest I've run in quite some time.

Fri 7/30/10 (6 mi)
AM- Real easy 6 mile run on the road. Legs stiff early.

Sat 7/31/10 (25 mi)
AM- w/ MP @ Salem Lake, 4 hour run nice and easy. Some out on the bike path. Did 3 gels. 25 miles according to MP's GPS!

Sun 8/1/10 (5 mi)
PM- On the road to Hendersonville, did an easy 45 minutes on trails at Lake James State Park. Very gentle surface and rolling hills.

7/19-7/25/10 (9.5 miles)

Mon 7/19/10 rest

Tue 7/20/10 rest

Wed 7/21/10 rest

Thu 7/22/10 rest

Fri 7/23/10 rest

Sat 7/24/10 (3 mi)
AM- First day back. Legs seem to be okay. VERY slow 3 mi jog with SK.

Sun 7/25/10 (6.5 mi)
AM- On roads, 60 min's, again very very easy. Legs tired but okay.

7/12-7/18/10 (71 miles)

Mon 7/12/10 (0)
Began taper week with rest day

Tue 7/13/10 (6 mi)
AM- Real easy 54 min. run on the roads.

Wed 7/14/10 (8 mi)
AM- w/ Chuck, steady 8 mi run Ewood, Dntwn, Greenway

Thu 7/15/10 (5 mi)
AM w/ Chuck, Easy 45 min's, roads

Fri 7/16/10 (0)
Rest and travel to WV

Sat 7/17/10 (52 mi)
AM Big Bear 12 Hour Trail Run

Sun 7/18/10 (0)
Rest travel home from WV

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