Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekly Summary: Aug. 2-8

August 2-August 8 Total- 76 miles

Monday 8/2/10 (8 mi)
AM- In Hendersonville at Dupont Forest 1:14 on good trails, included stream crossing. Mostly slow pace, but rolling hills. Good surface for the most part. Very good for legs.

Tuesday 8/3/10 (7 mi)
AM- 7 mile run in 1 hr. on roads. First few miles with Kane, worked into a steady pace. Hot temp.

Wednesday 8/4/10 (10 mi)

AM- w/ CK on roads. Real slow 10 mile run in 1:29. Legs stiff, Chuck and I both were struggling a bit even at a very slow pace.

Thursday 8/5/10 (0)
Rest day after 12 straight running days post Big Bear.

Friday 8/6/10 (13 mi)

AM- Slow run on the roads. Some with T, S, D.... 1:56 running time. Knees are a bit stiff entire run.

Saturday 8/7/10 (25 mi)

AM- @ Salem Lake w/ MP. Real slow again, 4:03, 25 mile run. Legs again a bit achey but no major problems. Post run I was very tired and sleepy all day but no leg stiffness or pain.

Sunday 8/8/10 (13 mi)
AM- On roads w/ CK. 1:54:30 for approx 13 miles. Chuck had us at 8:35 per mile. Solid run, again legs/knees achey late in run.

Weekly Recap 8/2-8/8
Solid week. Legs seem to have more fatigue and stiffness as compared to the same miles pre Big Bear. Might need more recovery. Trying to decide if I will enter The North Face Endurance Challenge 50 in Wisconsin on 9/18. I will wait a little longer and see how my August training progresses. One thing pulling me to the WI race is the course seems to be more mild then most trail 50's. Rated a "2" for both terrain and surface. (Big Bear was a "3" in both categories.) Hope to do a 5 hour run in two weeks... that will probably help me decide.

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