Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weekly Summary Aug 9-Aug 15

Weekly Total 72 miles

Monday 8/9/10 (0)
Did not feel real well during the day. Hot temps... decided on rest. @ HP Athletic Complex- walking, some jogging, running drills, core work.

Tuesday 8/10/10 (9 mi)
AM- @ Salem Lake. Easy paced 9 mile run.

Wednesday 8/11/10 (12.5 mi)
AM- w/ CK for early portion, 1:50 generally easy pace. 8:40/mi. Off and on legs/knees were stiff. All on roads (Ewood, Dntown, HPU)

Thursday 8/12/10 (4 mi)
AM- Easy 4 mile recovery run. Generally feeling tired and "beat up".

Friday 8/13/10 (11.5 mi)
AM- Slow 11.5 miles on roads. Some with TT. All slow running but feel okay.

Saturday 8/14/10 (18 mi)
AM- @ Salem Lake w/ TT and CK. 18 mi run in approx 2:40. Extremely easy on me to run only 18 and so slow.

Sunday 8/15/10 (17 mi)
AM- w/ MP at Watershed Trails in Greensboro. 3 hour run on Piedmont, Big Loop, Owls Roost and Wild Turkey. Some leg fatigue late in run but generally feel pretty good. Slow going on the technical single track trails. Did only 1 gel during the run and used waist belt for water bottles. MP said he had a 3 hour loop and I stopped my watch at 3:00:05! Not bad planning ehh?

Recap 8/9/10-8/15/10
Decided to cut back a little this week in terms of recovery days and no super long runs. Legs had been feeling rougher then usual so felt like I needed it. Weekend miles were good, slow miles but good running. Hope to do a 30 mile training run next Friday or Saturday.

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